40 Years of Research Found That People With This One Quality Are More Likely to Succeed .

Meet Your Instructor - Abduraheem Green

For me this was the course that started it all. Studying and learning about willpower had such a transformative effect on me I had to share it with you.

I realised that almost everything I wanted to teach in some way shape or form came back to this key objective: developing your ability to resist temptation, to giving in to our impulses is key to achieving any long term goal.
I have been a Muslim since 1987 when converted in my early twenties. It was a culmination of years of searching as a teenager for the deepest existential questions about the meaning of life.

Even then my interests included religion, philosophy, psychology and mythology and in fact everything that encompassed the human condition. I still pursues these interests, which is partly what lead him to develop this course.

Over the years I has lectured on a wide range of subjects in many different countries but many of his most well know topics covered the age old conflict between the life of one devoted to obedience to the Creator on one hand and lure of the world and its temptations on the other.

With the physical stress of constant travel, a growing family to take care of as well as an increasingly hostile environment towards effective and powerful Muslim callers to truth, I turned my attention towards creating spaces for activists and duaat to develop. 

This membership site is part of that effort. The skills you will master here will be used throughout the journey, even until the very end!

At the moment I am the site’s only coach/teacher/trainer, and he personally responds to most comments left in the comment section of training videos. He also keeps a watchful eye over the Facebook and WhatsApp groups, and welcome personal interaction that is respectful of the time take up by his many commitments.

The harder you train the easier the fight!

Train hard people, train hard!
Course outline
This course could be done several times, until it becomes a habit! This course is designed in such a way that you watch one video a day and do the set exercises for that day. These “exercises” are very important. By the end you should have developed a working familiarity with the key strategies explained in the course.
Pillar One: Willpower is Limited
Video 1 Introduction
Video 2 Definition of willpower
Video 3 Willpower is Limited
Pillar Two: Know your triggers
Video 4 Recognise your triggers
Video 5 Planning your Willpower Challenge
Video 6 Road Map to Change
Video 7 Choosing you first willpower Challenge
Pillar Three: Desire is a neurotransmitter called Dopamine
Video 8 Dopamine
Video 9 Fight, Flight or Freeze
Pillar Four: C.A.T. (counter ambush training)
Video 10 Meet you future self
Video 11 The False Promise of Reward
Video 12 “What the hell” effect
Vidoe 13 False hope syndrome
Video 14 Burning the ships
Video 15 Shame and Fame
Pillar Five: The Infection Effect
Video 16 The Infection Effect
Video 17 Builders and Breakers 

Pillar Six: Managing Stress
Video 18 Stress Management
Video 19 Reframing

Pillar Seven: Surf the Urge
Video 20 Surfing the Urge
Video 21 Watch out for Success
Researchers has proven that willpower and self-control have been the greatest problems of this present generation. 
These benefits include the following: 
  • Willpower can help reduce impulsive behaviours: 
  • ​Willpower can help you quit sins or acts like (smoking, over eating etc).
  • ​Willpower can improve your mental focus. 
  • ​Willpower can enhance your decision making capacity. 
  • ​Willpower can help you manage your temperaments/anger. 
  • ​Willpower plays a major role in your emotional happiness. 
  • ​Willpower can help stabilise and solve trust issues in a relationship or marriage 
  • ​Willpower brings peace of mind. 
  • ​Willpower also plays a key role in your success growth rate. 
  • ​Willpower can save you from cheating. 
  • ​Willpower can promote good leadership/follower-ship. 
  • ​Willpower gives you full control of your actions. 
  • ​Willpower gives and boosts your self confidence rate. 
  • Willpower help control rash decision making. 
  • ​Willpower gives you power to control your emotions. 
  • ​Willpower gives you the ability to good judgements. 
It can be achieved with constant training and practice and bring you the benefits you never even knew about!
Frequently Asked Questions
What age is the course designed for?
The information in this cours is designed to be inculcated from the earliest ages, but practically anyone from the age of ten onwards should be able to understand and apply these lessons.
What skills does this course focus on?
The emphasis of the course is in building practical self control skills that you can use in everyday life. These are tried and tested strategies and form part of the core skill sets needed on the journey of self-mastery.
Can’t I just read books on the subject?
You certainly can if you have the time and energy and I actively encourage it, but the benefit of this platform is that I have extracted the most important concepts and repackaged them in the light of Islam, which gives this knowledge a unique angle.
Will you teaching these courses “live” at anytime?
It is absolutely my intention to supplement this on-line platform with lectures, conferences and especially focused retreats. Hero building is a serious task and we should use whatever means we can.
How does online learning work?
It woks best through regular, disciplined application. Some modules are more in the form of lectures where as other modules really need you to work on the exercises and apply what you have learn practically to have benefit.
Does online learning work?
Online learning can be highly effective but it comes with its own challenges. One of the greatest is how easy it is to become distracted. The courses on learning and willpower will be very helpful in this regard.
Why do you charge for this, shouldn’t it be free?
This is an important question that can be answered from many angles.

Firstly scholars throughout the ages have written books and charged people to purchase those books. Many of us are willing to pay a lot of money to send our children to Islamic schools. In many ways this is like a school.

Secondly, generally speaking people do not care for or appreciate free stuff. It is hard to find a balance between charging and amount that will force people to take it seriously and making it affordable enough for people to access. When you invest money you tend to take it seriously. All the people who I have given this course away for free (and it's quite a few) only one or two have actually taken it seriously enough to complete it, and this is despite taking promises from them to do so! 
Finally, this endeavour is a full time commitment and all those involved, including me need to make a living. Your payments all go to supporting this work, and although technically it is a business there is nothing stopping you from making the intention to support this as a type of sadaqa. 
What are others saying about the course?
Don't just take my word for it, listen to what previous students had to say...
If you don't give it a go how will you ever know? Here are some who tried who took the time to tell me what they though about this course.

“Mind Blowing!!!!“ - Bibi D

“This is profound!” - Ahmed G

“Dear Sheikh. I cannot thank you enough for such an amazing and thorough course. I will recommend to family and friends. May Allah reward you . I am extremely satisfied and it was well worth the fees!”
- Anila M

“JazakaAllah khairan sheikh Abdurraheem Green, May Allah continue to guide u and your family and give you the strength to be able to continue this wonderful and life changing course and All your other Dawah activities. I really benefitted a lot from this course”
- Amila L

“Jazaka Allahou khayran for all sheikh Abdulraheem Green, Alhamdouliallah, these courses helped me to be more confident and move forward and also see the future more positively. I'm sure the struggle will never finish, but at least let's make our struggle more supportable by the invocation and by the knowledge. I look forward to learning more..”
- Fatima Y

“Assalamu aliekum, This was really awakening...Thank you so much for putting this program together it has truly been beneficial.” 
- Assandra T

I know you have dreams, goals and ambitions but have you lived your dreams have you reached your goals and fulfilled you ambitions? WHY NOT? Is it because you keep telling yourself and others keep telling you that you can't? but that's a lie... YOU CAN and YOU WILL

Or maybe you believe you can but just don't know HOW or WHERE to start?

 The knowledge in this course helped change my life and the lives of others and will transform yours too inshallah!
Listen...we all slip up and make mistakes...again and again.
That's because we're human and Allah made us that way. What He wants from us is the effort, for us to do everything we possible can to get there and guess what...you might find that greatest happiness of all is in the struggle itself..but if you don't give it a go how will you ever know?

Start your transformation TODAY!

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